Elizabeth Steinbeiser Riehl, Esq., Privacy Officer

As JPHSA’s Privacy Officer, I want to assure you all programs of JPHSA have policies and procedures in place to safeguard your confidential information. All employees receive privacy training and adhere to strict guidelines. In addition, JPHSA has physical and electronic safeguards in place to protect your information. 

JPHSA keeps both a written and electronic record of your information. While the information in your record belongs to you, the record itself belongs to JPHSA. Your record may be shared without your permission for the purposes of treatment, payment, Health Center operations, or as required by law. All other disclosures of your information require your written authorization.

You have the right to inspect your record and the right to request a change if you feel information is incorrect or incomplete. Also, you have the right to ask for restrictions on who may access your record, limits on how you are contacted by JPHSA, and a list of releases of your information. These requests must be written and directed to the Privacy Officer.

Click on the link below to view JPHSA's Notice of Privacy Practices.

Notice of Privacy Practices


If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your information, or would like to contact the Privacy Officer, please call 504-838-5215. You can address your concerns to the Privacy Officer at JPHSA Privacy Officer, 3616 S. I-10 Service Road W. Suite 200, Metairie, LA 70001.

Click on the link below to view JPHSA's privacy policy.

Privacy of Individuals Served